an autism journey


I truly believe that autism is one of the most misunderstood and highly controversial conditions of our time. If you don’t believe me, ask the person beside you what they think of autism. I guarantee they will have an opinion. It probably won’t be the correct one, but they will have an opinion on the cause, the cure, and what parents should be doing about it.

Our children are being starred at, made fun of, and ignored. They are treated as anything but equal. As parents we have to fight for them daily. Even among other autism parents, we are not always understood. Autism is a wide spectrum. Some kids are high functioning and will go on to lead a fairly typical life. Others are severe and may never speak and many will need constant care.

I could spend the day trying to spread awareness…. I could explain for the millionth time what autism is and why the world should care, but the reality is, I am too tired and too busy LIVING autism. So, on this World Autism Awareness Day, instead of spreading awareness, I have a wish, a wish for every parent out there living autism.

I wish for just one day of peace. One day of knowing our children are safe and healthy and well. One day of our children not being bullied, teased, and made fun of. One day of our children being accepted by their peers. One day of our children being included. One day without stares. One day without judgement and criticism. One day without having to fight for what others take for granted. One day of not having to worry. One day of knowing our children will be ok. One day of a good night’s sleep. One day of help. One day of calm. One day of kindness. One day of love. Because, maybe just maybe, if we could have one day of our children being loved and appreciated for who they are…. One day of others seeing our children as we see them…. Then maybe one day can turn into two, and then a week, a month, a year….. and maybe eventually a lifetime of not just awareness but acceptance. That is my wish. Oh…. and I wish for a whole lot of chocolate in the meantime.



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