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Trading MY Plans for HIS Plans

Those of you who know our journey, know that our son had previously carried around a picture of a dog we thought was going to be his service dog, and said “my Shadow” when asked about it. At the time, he couldn’t even answer his own name. Last fall, with broken hearts, we took that picture away from him. That particular journey was at a dead end.

 Yesterday, that picture was replaced with a picture of a dog far more amazing than we could have ever hoped for. Our son received a picture and letter from his new soon to be LEGITIMATE service dog. If you now ask him who is your dog? He will tell you “ugget” (we are working on it, but what he means to say is Lugnut!). It was a day for shedding tears of joy.

Sometimes in life God exchanges OUR plans with HIS plans. I am so very grateful that He did, because HIS plan is so much better than mine could ever have been. This is the dog that God planned for our son all along.  Thank you to 4 Paws for Ability and to all who made this possible.

Meet the newest member of our family and our son’s new best friend “Lugnut”


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