an autism journey

Quest for a Tough Fidget

I have been searching high and low for the perfect fidget for my son. He has a need to always have something in his hand to flick, squish, and fidget with. He takes them everywhere. For some reason, it just makes him feel better to have something to do with his hands. It comforts and relaxes him. The problem? He is tough on them… really tough. Needless to say, we go through a lot! Not only is it difficult to find one that lasts, it is difficult to find one that I feel safe enough to let him run around with. Oh there are plenty of tough fidgets out there (that he won’t touch), but he prefers the ones that feel soft and squishy. We have been through a slew of the puffer type balls. They are about as tough as a balloon, so neither safe for a boy who mouths things, nor practical since they cost anywhere from $1-$5 each and last about 5 minutes (if lucky). We have tried the rubbery turtles with the hard shells… the shells get pulled off and within days, the heads are bitten off and tears follow when mommy can’t fix it. We tried the little animals filled with tiny pellets… I will be cleaning up those tiny pellets forever in my car. Slinkies get tangled, silly putty ends up in the ears, playdoh gets eaten, water wigglers leak and gel balls ooze out slime after a finger punctures it….. So, we are so happy to have finally found a really tough fidget that he actually likes. It is called Bug Out Bob and it is the ugliest thing ever, but it is tough and still squishy. It has been sat on, pulled on, squeezed and bitten (although I don’t recommend it as a chewy toy by any means and strongly discourage him to use it as such… but we all know what happens when mom isn’t looking). We found it at Discount School Supply   (it is called Martian Popping Thing in the catalog and online, but the box says Bug Out Bob) for $7.99 and it is worth every penny. 

 WARNING: The box does have a warning label for a choking hazard and says not for children under 3 years old.


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