an autism journey

Today, I finally gave in. I have been fighting what I knew needed to be done for too long now. Today, I removed the last of any unnecessary pieces of furniture/decorations from my house. I have a climber. There I said it. Time to accept it and move on. My son climbs EVERYTHING. Yup, EVERYTHING, and don’t tell him I said this, but he is just not very good at it. Now don’t get me wrong, he has got the knack for getting up there. It is the getting down part that he is not so good at. He takes the “jump down” approach and the higher the better as far as he is concerned. (I hope nobody ever tells him about skydiving and bungee jumping, because I know with certainty that he would want to try that too)

I have tried everything to stop it, but he really has the attitude of the more someone says no, the more appealing it is. So, I tried to give him more appropriate options. My living room looks like a playground (we prefer to call it the “therapy room”, because that sounds better, but I know what it looks like). I supplied him with a climbing structure, slide, trampoline, indoor swing, exercise balls, tunnels, stepping pods…. You name it, it is in there. Do you think that put a stop to the furniture climbing? Nope.

I really wanted to try to maintain some sense of normalcy (you know, have a little furniture in the house), but in the last three days, we have had  4 falls. The kind of falls that hurt enough to produce crying. If you know my son, you know what I am referring to. He has a high tolerance for pain. He is the kind of kid that steps on a bee and barely stops to look down at his foot and then carries on while we chase him around trying to make him stop playing so we can remove a stinger. So when he cries, we know it really hurts.

So, goodbye furniture. Goodbye decorations that having climbing potential. Goodbye stacks of anything that can be used for achieving higher ground. It has all been cleared out of my house. Now I didn’t do anything too crazy….. we kept the beds (although his sits on the floor rather than a bed frame due to the jumping suitability of a mattress), we kept the kitchen table, the couch, and the piano (and of course we kept all the “therapy room” items). It is just about everything else that is gone. For the safety of my son and my own sanity (well, let’s be honest… what is left of my sanity) any unnecessary items are gone.

I somehow feel a little more free today. The house seems a little more roomy and a lot less cluttered. Guests may need to sit on the floor, but on a positive note… the garage is fully furnished.


Comments on: "A Climber and Furniture Just Don’t Mix" (1)

  1. I’m there w/you. Great idea! And, the humor you write this with is amazing. 😉

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