an autism journey

Hats off to Autism Dads

Being a dad is hard enough. It takes a lot for a man to stand up in the midst of this crazy society and be the man he needs to be for the sake of his children. Too many men simply walk away these days. To all the good dads out there… you are awesome!

However, being the father of a child with autism has its own unique set of difficulties. It is hard on us moms, yes, but I think the fathers are often taken for granted. Fathers sit in this awkward position feeling a need to “fix” things. Autism just isn’t a problem they can fix. They watch their child struggle, they work extra hard to find the means to pay for needed therapies and adaptive equipment, they often take on extra chores around the house filling in the gaps that us moms just can’t find the time to fill, and they often take on a role that is not often respected in this society of a caregiver. To me, there is nothing more loving than a father who sits in the middle of a busy store holding  his child in the midst of a meltdown not caring a thing about what anyone else thinks. To all those autism dads, you are one of a kind!

Today, being Father’s Day, my six year old son with autism and his big sister gave their dad a basket  with  a few simple treats. Now let me tell you that I love my kids, but I have learned that when I am given candy…. It must be hidden quickly and eaten out of sight (oh come on, I am not the only one). My husband, however, has yet to realize this. My son, quickly began to take back what was intended as a gift. So, in the end, my son ate most of the candy, but his daddy willingly gave it up. The sacrifices of an autism daddy never end….

Happy Father’s Day!


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