an autism journey

If there is one thing about autism that brings about something good…. It is the deep appreciation it brings to not so ordinary moments. There are times of a mom’s life that become so ordinary that I think they are often taken for granted. The moments when your child asks you a question, wants you to play with them, gives you a hug…..The moments happen so many times a day, that a mom just stops putting any thought into them.

  It is not so when raising a child with autism. You look at things different than most. Although the difficulties can become overwhelming at times, somehow there are more cherished moments than I think a typical mom has. Those special moments are cherished, because you know how out of the ordinary those moments really are.

Tonight, my son pretended to be a cat. He is six years old. That is something most moms would probably think nothing about… but, for my household, it was celebrated. The moment was so amazing that I have already replayed it over and over in my head wanting to hold on and not let go of the memory. It was his first time ever pretending, and it was AWESOME. It was brief, but for a few moments, there was fun, laughter, and most important of all…connecting. It was a moment that gave me hope… hope for there to be many more moments like this in our future. It was a moment that I will cling to when times get tough, a moment that I can’t wait to have again. A moment forever cherished.


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