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The battle between Animals for Autism and the families involved seems to continue to take twists and turns. Seems that Global Giving has stepped up to fight on Animals for Autism’s behalf. Sadly, the ones they are fighting here are the children…. and they are losing.

Animals for Autism put out a recent email to all the families involved in this. Ok, well, shall I say most of the families… Ms. Kaydus seems to have forgotten a few of them somehow. I guess she is just so doggone busy training those imaginary dogs of hers that she is no longer sure who is in this mess. In her email which she posted to her wall as facebook page!/photo.php?fbid=313842625317682&set=a.187518351283444.33622.185190538182892&type=1

Basically she says

1) She is just so old fashioned that she would prefer to talk on the phone then respond to our emails or questions on facebook. (Interesting since the families were previously getting up to 3 emails a day from her during the Pepsi Refresh voting period and she posted mulitple reminders a day to vote as well as posting all over facebook to various places trying to get more voters). 

2)She is serving us all as individuals not as an organization….. ahh let me show you a little something I have in writing in regards to that….

Animals for Autism

(I am intentionally leaving off the old address)

 To Whom It May Concern:

The (my family’s name) family applied for one of our autism service animals for their son, (my son’s name). After carefully reviewing their submission, our team determined, along with his physician, that an autism service animal is in (my son’s name)’s best interest.

Shadow (fka: Siku) the puppy has been matched with (my son’s name) and will be placed with the family sometime next year.  Shadow is enrolled in a training program designed specifically to meet the needs of (my son’s name).  The training program is designed for 1000 hours of individual, hands-on training for the puppy, and final placement is a certainty once the training program is completed and the program fees of $5000 have been paid.

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact me via email (again left off by me) or by phone (left off).

Warmest Regards,

~LM Kaydus

Founder, Animals for Autism

Does that sound like I agreed to be served by an individual or an organization to you? By the way, I left off her personal info for the protection of her family, a luxury she did not give us when she published press releases all over the internet with our children’s info without our permission and then Pepsi posted the same press release on their website. Ihave asked for that press release to be removed by Ms. Kaydus to which she has not complied. Pepsi did take it down after months of it being there. I also asked for Ms. Kaydus to remove pictures she had posted on the internet of my son…. she refused to remove those as well and I went in and had to have facebook remove them.

3) She wants the families to respond via email to her to let her know if we are in or out of the program.

She answered no questions, gave no info, no pictures, no financial stament she has promised some of us…. just that.

Global Giving then posted their own blog defending Ms. Kaydus saying she is doing the best she can and the dogs will be “delivered” this spring (dogs that they themselves have verified are in shelters… the reason why they are in shelters varies depending on who you ask..).

The families then responded to her and  Global Giving with some very simple requests of what we would like IN WRITING… things like pictures, vet records, financial statments of our payments, and donations sent on our children’s behalf by family and friends. You can also find that email posted to Animals for Autism’s wall.

Global Giving again via her facebook page told us to all call…. despite our ask for answers in writing, we are to all call. Now, Global Giving has begun to call the families (again some families, but not all for some reason…) and telling the families they must give a decsion as to if they are going to still want their dog. Apparently they cannot meet the resquests for our answers in writing. Very simple requests any legitimate organization could have easily provided…. probably without ever being asked to do so. Oh yes, and these decisions must be made by the end of the week….. that is it? They are obvioulsy helping Ms. Kaydus know exactly what to say and not say in all this… They sit in their plush offices and defend Ms. Kaydus so they don’t have to admit they made a mistake. The families, some of whom have put a lot of money into these “free” dogs are now stuck with deciding if they do or don’t want a dog that they were already told they were getting. Why should the families have to do anything here? The families have not done anything wrong and yet the burden falls on them. I can’t help but wonder what happens to those who say yes, they still want their dog…. are they going to have to agree to be quiet and take an untrained dog or what if they say no? Does that mean they then have stepped out of their own choosing and Ms. Kaydus and Global Giving and Pepsi are all off the hook? Seems to me the families are in a lose lose situation no matter what they do. Global Giving and Pepsi are huge organizations standing behind a woman who at best has been dishonest and not lived up to her agreement to our families…. at worst, she has completly scammed us. Let me direct you to another blog from one of the moms…. showing you who exactly it is that Pepsi and Global Giving are fighting here…. the children. She will be featuring different stories of the children.. take time to get to know the opponents. I am proud to be on their side win or lose. These children have far more character and kindness in them in their young lives than the otherside could ever muster up in a lifetime.


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