an autism journey

A New Journey Begins


A New Journey Begins

When we started our journey to get our son a service dog, we had no idea the path it would take.  Last May, our son was paired with a little puppy that we renamed Shadow. We had high hopes that this dog would indeed be his “Shadow,” following him wherever he went. We hoped this dog would help make Samuel’s life better, provide a constant companion, ease anxiety, help him gain confidence, help him be able to experience life in a whole new way, and open doors that had previously been closed. Our son can’t even play at the park like most kids his age. We hoped that would change.

Sadly, as most of you now know Shadow will not be coming home to our son. The dog we thought to be Shadow may never have existed at all. We had hoped, questioned, voiced concerns, fought for the truth, and grieved.

One week ago, our story was shared on the local news by the same reporter who initially introduced our community to our son and his dog in training. The follow up story was one of loss and disappointment. It was like we were finally closing the door on that part of our lives and accepting reality.

Today, however we announce a new journey to our lives, to our goal of a service dog for Samuel. A much different journey that we are confident will this time have a much happier result. After our story aired, a wonderful organization stepped up with a desire to help Samuel receive the dog he so desperately needs.  A nationally known organization that has placed over 500 service dogs….. 4 Paws for Ability.  We are honored to be a part of this and incredibly humbled by their act of genuine kindness by the fact they are not requiring any fundraising on our part. Our son’s dog will be covered.

It will be a long wait still before he receives his dog, but we have confidence this time that he will indeed receive a well trained dog suited for his needs. We will continue to keep you posted on what happens. We will also continue to stand with the other families involved in this mess to hold the individuals accountable for what they have done and to try to find a happy ending for the other families involved whose children still need a service dog.

We would like to thank all of our family, friends, and community who have supported us in all of this. Thank you to Mike Brooks WICS, Jesse Jones KING 5, and especially to Jessica Noll WCPO, and a HUGE thank you to 4 Paws for Ability!!!! We are so excited for this new journey.


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